Sunday, January 23, 2011



Republicans – hoping to run against the smartest woman in America – are sitting on pins and needles as Obama makes big strides

Jimmy Z - The panic and tension in the Hillary campaign is unquestionable. Democrats by and large are skeptical now about her candidacy. Liberals want to win the White House. They do not want to run with Hillary if Hillary can’t win.

Oprah Winfrey’s embracing and endorsing of Barack Obama was in the news literally all weekend long (never mind that Rush Limbaugh’s appearance in Washington State drew more people than the largest Oprah/Obama fiasco). Obama is on a roll.

But does Obama have the legs to take the prize? We don’t think so. The Obama team cannot possibly out maneuver Clinton, Inc., can they?

Barack also lacks any real experience in national politics. In the long run this is going to cause him some real trouble. As the major primaries roll up, Hillary is likely to take over and come on strong.

We sure hope so. What Obama has shown is that although he doesn’t have the stamina and team to pull it off, Hillary is obviously not invincible. And if someone is going to knock her out, we want it to be a Republican candidate.

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